Basic facts


hi consists of two technical elements: The “leaf” is a client installed on users’ devices/PCs that allows hi to interact with users.
Your IT team can install it via MSI file.The “brain” is the cloud-based AI that does the job; your IT team won’t need to install updates.

Data Protection

By anonymizing, encrypting, and safely storing user data, hi ensures full compliance with data protection regulations.


hi speaks a lot of languages! English, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese are all currently available.

Add-on embedded services and tools


Knowledge hub

An online portal connected with hi,
containing lots of multimedia material


Video pills

Master M365 by leveraging the principle
of micro-learning



Interactive learning directly from
your people’s PCs


Adoption toolkit

Up-to-date multimedia content for
the adoption of Microsoft 365

Going beyond conventional training to promote
new ways of learning

Effective learning experience trigger new habits.
Habits are the small decisions we make and actions we perform every day.
When we learn to transform our habits, we gain tools to transform our lives and our companies.
hi supports people in your organization in using technology to reach better business outcomes.


Promote a learning journey tailored to users' needs, interests, and skills.

Contextuality and Scalability

Provide useful and engaging content on demand. Adopt new habits through on-the-job and real-time mentoring based on software usage patterns.


Break down the silos and connect different learning tools and content avaliable within the company.


Connecting the online and offline worlds will promote closer, more efficient, and more human experiences.

Make it happen
Behavioral Nudges and Digital Literacy

The core of our coaching strategy

hi provides organizations unique opportunity to substantially improve business outcomes by making people more digitally literacy, one nudge at a time.
This results in an incremental but dramatic change, impacting both ambition and the ability to use technology to reach better results



Active User

We care about users and focus on their needs


Adoption Growth

We empower new ways of working and make adoption a reality