Andrea Zucchiatti

Aug 5, 2020

A new strategic partnership for Digital Attitude: here comes CoreView

With great power comes great responsibility. With innovative technology comes awesome opportunities, but also challenges to overcome.

No, we're not going to talk about superheroes, if you were wondering so - we'd like to, we're superheroes-addicted, but it's not the moment. As we're used to, we're talking about technology adoption. Dealing with new digital workplaces, IT professionals and security leaders have to enable employees to remote-work as quickly and efficiently as possible, while maintaining security and compliance and – of course – managing budgets.

How to deal with such a situation? One of the answers we found is joining forces. You can now understand how thrilled we are to announce a new strategic partnership.

Digital Attitude now partners with CoreView!

If you haven't met them already, CoreView is a global firm that helps enterprises maximize their SaaS investments avoiding security risks, cutting operating costs, and increasing efficiency.

Don't you believe they are the perfect partner for hi, our habit-inspiring platform? We'll share with them the aim of making organizations leverage the value of Microsoft 365 and other software. Our focus? Always on people. We want to empower them to increase their productivity and unlock their full potential with technology.

This new collaboration will nurture our goal: building sustainable and valuable adoption processes. We want to bring an evolution in people's and organizations' work and digital habits. Finally, it will undoubtedly grant added value to the different coaching plans we provide to our customers through hi - pssst! Find them out on our Features page.

If you want to know more about this partnership, read the official press release.

Stay tuned to see what will come next!