Angelo Larocca

Jul 15, 2020

Safe and sound, with our habit-inspiring platform: we're now a ISO-27001 certified company!

Ensuring the safety of the data of our users and customers has always been paramount for us. Since our earliest days, that approach brought us to focus on creating processes and regulations that could be up to par with international regulations.

We’re proud to announce that we are now an ISO 27001 certified company, ensuring full compliance with the highest standards in the field of information security.

This achievement showcases how our strong commitment to protecting our users and customers’ privacy, with the overall goal of earning and maintaining your trust.

Our aim is to maintain the highest standards for data treatment, in full accordance with both international and organizational regulations. Furthermore, we wish to share a culture based on cybersecurity throughout all the phases and all the company’s processes - pssst! 🤫 we also developed a cybersecurity coaching plan with our habit-inspiring platform!

As it is in our nature, this goal is also a starting point: in our ever-evolving world, we must guarantee continuous improvements in all our development procedures, keeping up with each and every new measure to limit the impact of possible threats.

Secure software development, dedicated training, and a privacy-first approach: that’s the promise we aim to keep for all our stakeholders, whether they’re our customers, our users, or our partner.