Why hi?

The unconventional solution for your digital evolution

Our platform shapes people’s habits to create real change. One nudge at a time.

Transformation ROI

Maximize your return on technology investment

hi empowers your people to embrace technology: they get to harness its full potential, and your organization gets the most from its investment in training.

Productivity Growth

Interact daily:
tailored content on needs, interests and users' skills

hi offers personalized coaching based on a learning-by-doing approach. People in your organization can learn effortlessly as they work, with on-the-job and real-time mentoring based on software usage patterns.

Accelerated Onboarding

Simple, Scalable, Sustainable

hi coaches everyone in your organization, regardless of their technological proficiency. They’ll continuously discover new and existing features and contents thanks to a training and learning program tailored to their needs.

Everlasting Change

Taking care of people’s habits for a long-lasting transformation

hi provides significant and lasting change. Avoid the risk of old behaviors making a comeback: if your people need a bit of reinforcement, hi is ready to step in.

hi is a digital coach that cares about people and inspires them to adopt sustainable and valuable behaviors with context-based, personalized, and on-the-job suggestions and real-time mentoring.

Who would you recommend hi to?

Learn while working, thanks to a context-based training program inspired by specific Behavioral Design principles.

A journey with hi means no-boundaries training

No matter how much your people know about technology or specific content, everyone will have the opportunity to improve thanks to hi’s training and suggestions.

How is hi an unconventional way of learning?

Each suggestion ends with an action, leveraging on a learning-by-doing approach.

How are habits and machine learning connected through hi?

hi tracks all of users’ actions, starting with insights and moving towards an experience based on real needs.

Is my data safe with hi?

No one is ever asked to provide personal information. All data that hi gathers is safely and anonymously stored.