Thinking and communicating outside the box: How the paradigm of business communication is changing

Someone once said that words are the most powerful weapons we have. And they were right: words have sounds, conjure images, anticipate scenarios, fulfil dreams. And corporate communications are how we spread the word within our organizations and are how we inform, engage, and translate everyday life in companies into actions, activities, and meaning.

Perhaps a different role is being asked of those who oversee internal communications in companies today: the ability to reach each person in a personalized way, and the search for the most appropriate time and words with which to do so. The paradigm of communication in companies has changed: it’s the information that goes to people, and not the other way around.

However, today we’re faced with a huge gap of indifference and disappointment with the way in which internal communications are created and distributed (we’ll see some important data on this below). There is, however, a great wealth of value -- that must be safeguarded -- in different content that, for the most part, is completely ignored and thus fails to impact people the way it should.

We see CTRs and engagement data that, on average, don’t exceed 5%, and this means that over 9 out of 10 people literally know nothing about what is being communicated.


Finding a new paradigm for internal communication

There are three aspects that can be worked on to improve the impact and effectiveness of corporate communications:


- Deliverability: messages shouldn’t go unnoticed; instead, they should attract attention and do so in a light-hearted, fun way so that all people are involved, and with a high level of personalization; no one should be left out and on the sidelines when it comes to corporate communications

- Engagement: communications must interest, surprise and engage people by arriving at the best time, in the right place and initiating a circular relationship, no longer a one-way dynamic.

- Measurement: it’s no longer just a single CTR issue, but rather setting and evaluating goals to orchestrate channels, tools and timing in a broader context where it is then possible to understand the actual impact of a message and decide how to generate positive collaterals.


To find a balance, it’s necessary to amplify and to make exponential something that is linear; therefore, to have effective corporate communications, you need to give everyone the personalized information they need most and then measure its effectiveness. Accomplishing this through traditional tools like email is impossible!


Your emails are ignored: the data proves it!


If you get the impression that the emails you send out to your teams or your people sit in their unread mail folder, and you increasingly realize that your internal communications end up going unnoticed, you’re right, and the data proves it.


We researched and analyzed a very significant population of over 300,000 people from Italian companies, using real Microsoft 365 data. What did we find?


First, each day 28% of emails are totally ignored, meaning that not only is there no interaction at all but the emails aren’t even open or read. We also found that the greater the number of recipients of the communication (DEM, email) the greater the percentage that it is ignored.


How to increase the impact and effectiveness of your communications

So, what can you do to make sure your messages aren’t ignored?

 Thanks to in-depth analysis and monitoring of the most widespread habits and behaviors of people regarding this specific need, we’ve redesigned and outlined a possible, and interesting, solution: a digital platform (SaaS and white-label) that allows you to completely independently – in terms of content creation and style – reach any target in a way that’s “outside the box” (also inboxes and other repositories) with contextual and personalized messages that not only capture people’s attention but encourage (in tech speak, we talk about nudge tech) them to take action.


hi platform, Digital Attitude’s platform for a changing the communication paradigm

It’s not a dream or parallel world: it’s much simpler, accessible and sustainable. With hi platform, communications and information go directly to people (without the need for any extra clicks or actions) at the most appropriate time (you decide, as editor, who receives them) and with an adoption rate (you don't in fact have to open anything) and a response rate to calls to action that is well over 50% (10 times the average!). 

We like it when innovation is social. Not in the most common sense of the word but understood as social impact (specifically relationships) and whereby you change something for the better in people’s (professional) lives. For communicators, this means finally making their creative efforts exponential, and for recipients, this means empowering them to take that extra step toward knowing and participating in a world of good things.