IT & Cybersecurity Functions

hi, a white label (Saas) platform, engages users on the topic of cybersecurity in an innovative, fun, engaging and effective way.

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Increase the adoption of courses and content on cybersecurity awareness.

hi helps you engage all your people and make the impact of cybersecurity training courses exponential in a way that's:


Generate interest, passion and curiosity on the topic of cybersecurity by understanding people's needs, interests and abilities.

For everyone

Build awareness in a contextual, long-term way. In the event of an emergency, you can instantly capture everyone’s attention and let them know what to do.


Improve the adoption of internal cyber training or awareness platforms, maximizing ROI on the investment made.

Increase the ROI of your technology investments

Increase the number of people who are knowledgeable about and follow cybersecurity policies and best practices, starting with the adoption of small, day-to-day behaviors.

Customize your messages and make cybersecurity effective

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