Human Resources

hi is the solution for you if you ask questions like: how can I best get the word out about processes (like onboarding)?, or how can I get people's attention during training?

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Increase adoption of your courses and innovate the relationship between people and business processes.

hi helps you optimize your time and devote it to what matters most. Make the employee experience:


Whether your people work from home, remotely, or from the office, hi helps you reach everyone, making it fun to be part of business processes.


Reach different targets with contextual messages, harmonizing the relationship between people and technology, and increasing interest in various types of content.


Change the direction of your communication: surveys, meetings and calls to action come directly to people, improving the employee experience.

Discover just how much the numbers matter

Increase the number of people who are knowledgeable about best practices and benefit from training materials, starting with the adoption of small, day-to-day behaviors.

Customize your messages and make your work effective.

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