hi platform

Communicating has never been so

effective, contextual, engaging, and fun!

The most innovative solution in nudge tech

“Workforce nudge technology is a form of AI-enabled choice architecture designed to elicit habits aimed at accelerating targeted positive outcomes at the individual, team and/or organizational level.”

Be there when it counts

Create your own content, personalize it for users, have fun with graphics and images, and change the paradigm: it's the information that goes to people, and not the other way around.

Independently create content and editorial plans, pacing and timing information however you like

1.  Customize it as much as you want

Creating content is easy and straightforward, and you can configure and preview it all on your own. You’ll have access to libraries of ready-made templates if you're in a hurry, but you can also fully customize them using your own style. 

2. Editorial plan

The Content Portal guides you step-by-step in creating your plan, letting you review and update it on your own. Define and write your content and select which user behaviors will trigger messages: hi will take care of the rest!

3. It gets to the right people

Whether you want to filter based on demographic information or on people’s behaviors, the Content Portal allows you to get your messages to the people who need them most, exactly when they need them most

4. Analyze results & KPIs

With built-in dashboards, you get to monitor the performance of your messages in real time. Find out how many people clicked on the call-to-actions in your messages, which insight materials they liked best, and what you can do to make your plan even more effective.